After nursery

A young man is holding The Very Hungry Caterpillar up to a semi-circle of children, who turn their heads to see who’s coming through the door. Jack gets up and tumbles towards me with a huge smile on his face. He picks his name tag off the board and puts it in a basket, then goes to his peg for his dinosaur coat and green bag. We say goodbye to Victoria and buzz ourselves out. The usual conversation ensues.

“Are we going to your house Noni?”

“Yes Jack, we’re going to my house. Can you see my car?”

“There’s your car. I want to sit in the middle.”

Jack can get in if he tries but today he needs a push. The middle seat is favoured because you can see the television on the dashboard. I strap him in and we set off through the town.

“Where’s Milly?”

“Milly’s at school. We’ll go and fetch her this afternoon.”

“Where’s Derek? Is he at your house?”

“Yes he is.”

“Is Derek in his workshop?”

“I don’t know Jack. He might be in his workshop. He might be in the kitchen. What sort of weather have we got today?”


I think this is answering a different question, but on reflection it’s an accurate answer. The weather is mild, some sunshine, a few clouds, the sky a background for golden leaves – autumn weather.



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